What is Sharks Cartilage?

Shark cartilage is the non-bony tissue that constitutes the internal skeleton of Sharks. 

Are the Sharks harvested for their cartilage?

No, the sharks are harvested as a food source and are quite commonly found for human consumption.

Where do we get our ingredients from? 

Sharks Cartilage is derived from France from a non endangered shark species and sustainable farming. There are strict guidelines and regulations to the harvesting and sustainability of the shark for human consumption in France. 

UC-II is derived from a patented process of highly pressurised chicken sternum and imported from the USA. 

Is our Shark ingredient is sustainable sourced? 

Regarding Sustainability of our Cartilage we are pleased to share with you how we proceed within our Ingredients, as follow:

1. First of all, our raw material is only marine fish byproducts (fish cartilages and fish bones only) from Cartilaginous fish. We never use any filet nor flesh of fish, but only byproducts. 

2. We source our raw material only from local fishermen and fishmongers from Brittany and Normandie in France. So our sourcing is local.

3. These fishermen and fishmongers are small and medium size family businesses. 

4. These fishermen and fishmongers are fishing according to EU laws and strict EU regulations. So in accordance with fish resources and fish populations in order to avoid over-fishing, in a sustainable way. Sustainability of the fishing local industry is number one priority. 

5. These strict EU fishing regulations refer to; fishing periods during the year, fishing zones and areas, and fishing size of the fish and quantity limits (fish quotas). This is indeed also important part of sustainability issue. 

6. Within our factory, we use only water extraction process. We do not use any solvants nor chemicals. With our hydrolysis (water) extraction process we use 100% of our raw material and we do not produce nor generate any non usable byproducts. This is part of our sustainability engagement too.

In order to go deeper in our sustainability plan, we are now working on official accreditation, managed by our local and regional authorities, Breizh Cop 21. But this might take a few more months even one year. We will keep you posted. 



How much is shipping to UK and Europe?

Shipping charge is GBP 5 a bottle and Free for any orders over two bottles within UK.

Do we ship internationally? 

Yes, please email for shipping rates to your destination country.

How do we store the product?

The capsules are best stored in a cool dry area. 

How to contact us?

Contact email : info@parkpharmacy.co.uk or 020 8800 0786